Bird Houses & Feeders

Bird Feeders

Walpole Outdoors quality bird feeders have designs and construction that are as charming and impressive as the feathered friends they attract. These delightful and durable bird feeders are crafted in low maintenance, long-lasting cellular PVC, with painted white exteriors. Bird feeder styles include tube feeders, Droll Yankee polycarbonate squirrel resistant feeders, nesting boxes, bird feeder roofs in copper, verde, or shingled, and much more. Depending on the style and size of bird feeder you choose, Walpole Outdoors fly-through, perch, or platform bird feeders can be attached snugly and securely to a porch, door, tree, or garden shed. And don’t forget our selection of stylish birdbaths. Walpole Outdoor bird feeder posts, offered in various styles and sizes, are handcrafted in peeled cedar natural wood, or in low maintenance AZEK cellular vinyl. Bird feeder posts are sold separately. Visit our bird feeder page now. Or for more information, call 800-343-6948.