AZEK Vinyl Light & Lamp Posts

Walpole Outdoors vinyl lamp posts are offered in AZEK cellular PVC. This advanced low maintenance material looks and feels just like natural wood, yet won’t rot, peel, or split, and maintains its great looks year after year with little-to-no upkeep.

AZEK cellular vinyl lantern posts are milled, crafted, and fabricated just like natural wood. Whether you choose light posts with boxed bases and recessed panels, dentil moulding, square lamp posts or turned posts, the finished product is all that you would expect from the nation’s leader in handcrafted outdoor structures.

Walpole Outdoors vinyl light posts support an array of spectacular styles in Walpole lanterns, allowing you many choices in lantern posts and lantern combinations to suit your sense of style and the architecture of your home. Designed for our larger lanterns, Walpole’s AZEK vinyl pillar posts are a majestic presence in any location.

Most Walpole Outdoors cellular PVC lamp posts come factory pre-painted white. For very special custom orders, we can paint your posts from a palate of more than 100 colors in Sherwin Williams Vinyl-Safe paint. This first quality paint comes with a 25-year warranty. There is an additional charge for this service.

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