Vinyl Window Shutters

Walpole Outdoors offers Atlantic Premium vinyl window shutters that beautifully reflect the time-honored look and functionality of traditional shutter design – without any of the traditional maintenance required. Vinyl window shutters in the Atlantic Architectural Atlantic Premium family look just like wood, but last a lifetime. These window shutters are crafted from structural grade vinyl PVC, proprietary composite material, and pultruded fiberglass, for strength and durability. Atlantic’s quality vinyl window shutters will not warp, rot, or bow, and won’t require painstaking painting. The components, hand-cut and hand-assembled to meet exacting specifications, are offered in many standard colors that feature a two-part acrylic urethane finish. Atlantic Architectural choices include: Raised panel vinyl window shutters that are perfect for home styles from Georgian to modern American. Louvered vinyl window shutters that deliver authenticity and timeless aesthetics. Combination vinyl window shutters that contrast a panel with louvers for one-of-a-kind homes. Bahama vinyl window shutters that can swing out at the bottom and have hardware crafted from aluminum for coastal environments. Visit our window shutters page now. For more information that includes pricing help, call 800-343-6948.