Cupolas & Weather Vanes


Walpole Outdoors weathervanes indicate a change in the wind direction and therefore a possible change in the weather. Equally important, they add class and charm on whichever rooftop you choose. 

Walpole weathervanes come complete with a copper figure, copper spacer ball, solid brass directional, and steel rod. 

We offer standard weathervanes in machine-molded copper with a polished or verdigris finish – with styles that include everything from birds and horses, to sailing ships, golfers, and American flags.

Our more sophisticated custom handcrafted copper weathervanes employ traditional methods of custom weathervane making, including repousse, chasing, forming, raising, soldering, and balancing. Custom weathervane making brings out special characteristics that make each figure or motif unique, and reveal the human touch of an artist’s hands.

We can hand sculpture a weathervane in the design of your choosing, from a drawing or just an idea. You approve our final drawing ($50 fee) before the artist begins the commission.
Visit our weathervane page now. Or for more information, call 800-343-6948.