Wood Planters

Walpole Outdoors natural wooden planters can be custom handcrafted for professionals – architects, landscape architects, builders, etc. – who are engaged in custom estate and commercial projects. 

Areas where wooden planters add charm and brighten the outdoors can include senior housing, hospitals, schools and universities, golf courses, restaurants, and much more.  Our large custom wood planters also provide effective and imaginative privacy barriers on roof decks.

Of course, Walpole's custom wooden planters are also right at home on homeowners’ porches, patios, entranceways, between garage doors, in the garden, or poolside.

Our custom wood planters are crafted in northern white cedar with mortise and tenon construction. This attractive, decay-resistant wood is fashioned to exacting standards of symmetry and balance by Walpole’s skilled woodworkers.

While northern white cedar naturally ages to a rich, silver sheen, many prefer to have their wood planters arrive stained. Our unique in-line staining system coats the wood more evenly and thoroughly than any other method.  Most custom wooden planters arrive stained white. However, we also offer a palate of many colors from Sherwin Williams.

Walpole Outdoors will custom build wood planters in red cedar, teak, or mahogany. Visit our planters page now. Or for more information, call 800-343-6948.