Wood Window & Flower Boxes

Walpole Outdoors' wood window boxes afford you the opportunity to be creative and display color all around your home. Offered in durable northern white cedar or red cedar. each wood window box has two drainage holes and brackets are included.

Walpole's wood of choice is Northern White Cedar, selected for its durability and resistance to decay. The cedar is cut at Walpole's own mills in Chester and Detroit, Maine, and our woodworkers have the experience and skill to fashion this wood to exacting standards of symmetry and balance. By controlling the entire process, from forest to finish, we can guarantee the integrity of our products.

Northern White Cedar naturally ages to a rich, silver sheen. However, many homeowners prefer their fence or outdoor structure to be stained. Our unique in-line staining system coats the wood more evenly and thoroughly than any other method. Because stain and cedar create a natural bond, the result is a deep rich finish. Pre-staining also means that there is no mess in your yard after installation.

Walpole partners with Sherwin Williams' to create 14 standard Woodscapes' stains for you to choose from. We will also custom mix a stain color to match your special design plans.

In addition to Northern White Cedar, Walpole woodworkers also custom builds with Red Cedar, Teak, or Mahogany, whichever best fits the style of your property.